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Mixing Dreams with Reality

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I’ve been having some oddly realistic and relevant dreams lately. I had one the other day about my boyfriend’s dog, whose health is on the decline. He’s almost completely blind, and goes to the bathroom all over the house. Every time my boyfriend’s mom comes home, this dog gets up on its back legs and does a little clapping thing next to her. In my dream, this dog had its legs all cut off, but only half way, so it could still walk on its nubs. This apparently was necessary to save its life.

I had another dream Tuesday night about my niece’s Halloween costume. My sister already showed me my niece’s costume, an adorable unicorn, last weekend, but in my dream the costume was so lame! All it was was a pink body suit outfit with a horn. Yesterday my sister posted a picture of my niece, and her the cuteness of her real costume blew my dream costume out of the water! I’m having a serious issue separating dreams with reality I guess, and it’s not the first time.

My sisters have this weird connection with each other about their dreams and the kids they have. My oldest sister will have a dream that the middle sister is pregnant, and the gender of the baby, and vice versa. I’m apparently out of the telepathic loop, because I had a dream my oldest sister was having a boy, and then she popped out a beautiful little girl. But it gets even weirder, but then it also gets sadder. We’ll skip that part.

My friend, Nick, has the strangest dreams I’ve come across so far. Every time he dreams, it’s a continuation of the previous dream. He has everyone in his immediate friend circle in his dreams, but they play different roles. It’s as if he’s writing a book every night when he closes his eyes. I think that I ma have had a couple continued dreams, but they would be months or years apart from each other, certainly not every night. The brain amazes me.


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